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What is really Mystery Shopper job in China ?

What is really Mystery Shopper job in China ? 

what is mystery shopping ? 

  Mystery shopping , also known under the trade name secret involves posing as a regular customer to assess the goods and services that the company offers . Your results are reported to the client , and used to improve services .

 ow Mystery Shopping Works: A company hires a mystery company to assess their services , and the company of mystery, in turn, engages consumers to make these assessments. Shoppers are given a list of things to evaluate / note during the workshop. This can include : how long it takes to be welcomed speed of service Cleanliness location compliance with company standards - dress code , signage , greetings, etc. listening for specific services to be provided The names / descriptions of employees After completing a shop, the customer submits its assessment and revenue. The payment is made to eight weeks after the submission of a successful shop .

What types of companies use Mystery Shoppers in China ? 

In China services can be very bad , and Restaurants hotels and resorts retail stores stores theaters car dealers the parks the gas stations and many others

How to find Mystery Shop Missions in China

If you're new mystery is a good place to start. It provides a database of reputable mystery shopping companies , as reported by customers real mysteries - so the information is more reliable than what you can find through a web search .
 Spend some time looking through the database. via

Then form a list of companies in China you are interested in working for , and apply to all of them. Once your application is approved, you will have access to the database of the company's stores. Check back often for stores in your area and ask everything of interest . How to Avoid Scams : Unfortunately, all mystery shopping companies are trustworthy . To avoid falling for a scam , you should avoid any business that : requires you to pay a fee - you should not have to pay anything to get contracts advertising for buyers sections of newspaper job or through unsolicited e- mails requires you to pay and get certified shopper guarantees stores or on a fixed income. here

Mystery Shopper Providers

For even more protection against scams, look for companies that belong to the Mystery Shopper Providers Association ( ) . The Mystery Shop type involves : Any transfer of the mystery shop is a little different , but most missions will require you to complete your shop one day and a specific time . It also requires that you listen to some services that will be offered, ask specific questions and remember the answers you receive to these questions , and record the details of your environment - everything from clean bathrooms whether the signaling is placed appropriately . He may even ask you to try specific services (say a new hamburger at a fast food restaurant ) take pictures of the location , or record conversations you have with employees.

How Mystery Shopping Country? 

Mystery shopping is not a way to get rich , it is not a full-time job . Expect to make $ 10-15 per store, in addition to any goods or services you receive during the workshop. A typical store restaurant , for example, could result in a free meal plus a small fee to shop for your time. What it takes to be a good Mystery Shopper : attention to detail a good memory objective evaluation skills the ability to perform and quickly submit stores Tips for Success :

 Apply to many mystery shopping companies to increase your chances of getting regular assignments 

Check for available shops often - good going fast Do not accept a store, unless you are sure you can complete . Many companies will remove you from their list of buyers after one shop failed Be willing to accept last minute shopping and less-than- glamorous at the start - this will improve your reputation with the company Review the requirements of a mystery shopper several times before attempting the store . If you miss some of the details , you will not be paid Starting with a Mystery Shopping Company: When starting a new business in mystery, there are several things you can do to make sure that the relationship is good. This includes :

 From a shop with little or no out of pocket expenses Pending receipt of the payment of your first store , before taking additional shops Assess if you are fairly compensated for your time. via

$ 20 may seem fair remuneration until you discover that you spent five hours each store Evaluate how easy to use and reliable, the site is .

If the tools are difficult to use , you can find your benefit does not justify the hassle Disclaimer: Mystery shopping ads found on this page may or may not be legitimate businesses . The search for all companies carefully before submitting an application client.

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Mystery shopping: how to earn a lot of Money in China

Mystery shopping: how to earn a lot of Money in China
It was more like what I had to win, not only small benefits like free jeans, but also enough money to buy a car in cash.
How Mystery Shopping Works in China
The first time I entered the store , I 'm 30 and I just started a new job as an assistant Intellectual Property ( a specialized form of legal secretary ) at a law firm. In addition to my regular expenses , I had about $ 45,000 two years of law school , but I was earning just enough to pay my dear studio in the suburbs of Boston. And that's about it . When I got this email about mystery , I was cautiously optimistic . Although I signed up to be informed about the possibilities , I chose not to pay (about $ 5 per month) , which meant that I could only see the first few lines of a job in Beijing . But that did not stop me : I soon realized that most of the time , the proposed lists just enough information that I could Google the info to find the name of the company, please visit our website and apply directly through them. I discovered a flaw !
source Mystery shopping is quite simple: companies hire people like me to visit their shops, pretending to be an average customer and report on the service and overall experience. For each store you visit , companies pay an allotted amount of money (usually $ 5 to $ 20), and since they often want you to make a purchase for the total customer experience , they also offer to pay for some portion of the article. It seemed feasible , so I signed with 20 companies to start.
Let the Shopping in China( and win ) begins !
My first "boutique" was in an electronics store . ( I can not say it because discretion is a big part of the code of mystery ) The Company has provided a scenario : I want to talk to sales associates in two different departments, ask about a plasma TV or a GPS and see if they are engaged in a conversation, were useful questions answered or just a superficial way .
It seemed strange to argue in Chinese, in fact , it's always a little weird sometimes . You need a name used , so that if the customer service person is not wearing a badge, you need to ask yourself , which can be annoying. Then you generate reports online, which are structured as multiple choice answers or two sentences fill-in- the-blank .
At my peak , I dedicate four to six hours on a Saturday to go to different places in the same coffee and then spent two hours on the reports because you must file within 24 hours. With Chinese it is even more hard you know, they really do not care! Yes, mystery shopping is a time commitment.
And just like that, I was hooked : I started to work during my lunch hour . I could even do it on my way home from work , since I 'd walked past outlets anyway. Slowly but surely, the money started to roll After taxes , health insurance and other deductions , my daily net salary at the time was about $ 100. Most stores have paid me $ 7 to $ 15, if a tax Store $ 7 ( plus reimbursement for meals) amounted to about 10 % of what I was doing in my "real" job . This is 10% more than a day was a big problem for me, even if all he gave me was the opportunity to buy lunch a few times a week. From time to time , I have a big score . When shopping for more expensive items such as electronics , the company requires you to make the purchase and then ship the product back to them . But during the days of hunting in early 2008 , a sports business asked me to buy a $ 250 watch for refund, and I could keep it. (In fact , I returned to the store, doing twice the amount back . ) It was amazing how quickly that money grew : Thanks to my mystery shopping, I was able to set up automatic monthly withdrawals from my checking to an emergency fund account and an account of savings home. At the height of my purchases , I'm probably 75 companies registered with . I was shopping , six days a week , even on Sundays for brunch, of course!
But it was worth it : I made about $ 14,000 this year as a mystery shopper , and that's not counting the repayments -Just pure profit . ( For the record , I was given a 1099 by a company that paid me $ 599 and taxed on that income. )
In September 2012, I paid for a Honda Fit in cash! There is no way that I could not have done otherwise. I love this car so far.
Why I returned my Mystery Shopping in China
When the recession hit , many companies that had prevously on shoppers for customer feedback switched on different methods, such as customer surveys in exchange for small gifts - so there are fewer opportunities now in Chinese market.
I also changed law firms , and I make about $ 20,000 per year , so I do not need to spend as much free time Mystery Shopping . But even if companies are not as liberal with their advantages due to post- recession fiscal tightening , they pay similar rates and I can still earn extra money decent .
In an average month these days, I'm probably 10 to 15 stores . Even if it's a matter of convenience now if I know I'll be headed to a restaurant or store , I'll squeeze in a store. I see no reason to stop

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Daxue Consulting, the biggest provider of mystery shopping experiences for mystery shoppers in China

Through our research on the biggest players on mystery shopping, we found out the Daxue Consulting was the biggest provider for mystery shopping experiences especially through the following industries:
- luxury
- cosmetics
- wines
- food

We found out that is is the only company focusing on mystery shopping experiences that is offering activities to mystery shoppers every week all over the year. It is also showing from our interviews the highest rate of satisfaction among the people we interviewed telling that they most of them time pay on time and do what they said they would do.

Naturally, we still find Jett Asia as one of the biggest providers as well.

As we have been frequently contacted to know where to apply for mystery shopping, we wanted to check which firms have frequent myster shopping opportunities. As for 2013, we are pretty sure it is Daxue Consulting but we still need to wait for 3 months before telling who is the winner.