dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Daxue Consulting, the biggest provider of mystery shopping experiences for mystery shoppers in China

Through our research on the biggest players on mystery shopping, we found out the Daxue Consulting was the biggest provider for mystery shopping experiences especially through the following industries:
- luxury
- cosmetics
- wines
- food

We found out that is is the only company focusing on mystery shopping experiences that is offering activities to mystery shoppers every week all over the year. It is also showing from our interviews the highest rate of satisfaction among the people we interviewed telling that they most of them time pay on time and do what they said they would do.

Naturally, we still find Jett Asia as one of the biggest providers as well.

As we have been frequently contacted to know where to apply for mystery shopping, we wanted to check which firms have frequent myster shopping opportunities. As for 2013, we are pretty sure it is Daxue Consulting but we still need to wait for 3 months before telling who is the winner.