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Mysterious corruption in China!

Mysterious corruption in China! 

The announcement , published Friday, December 20 by the New China News Agency , was terse , but it indicates a high level purge in a particularly sensitive area since it is the police, Li Dongsheng, Deputy Minister of public Safety and current number three Chinese police , was officially placed under investigation " for serious violations of the laws and discipline " by the anti- corruption branch of the party .
New China also mentions that Mr. Li was the deputy director of the "group of central management in cases related sects " , indirectly confirming the role attributed to him secret assume that for many years the media in suppressing Falun Gong against the religious movement banned in China. Party cadres who find themselves " under investigation " of the Disciplinary Committee of the party are placed in isolation for months , and brought to justice once their record is tied with an almost zero probability of escape heavy sentence .


The arrest of Li Dongsheng, known to have held very senior positions in the propaganda apparatus before joining the Public Safety in 2009, is a turning point in the top purge led by the new management team : it is the second member of the Party Central Committee to fall this year after Jiang Jiemin , the former director of the Authority of Chinese state-owned enterprises , in early September. Mr. Jiang was coming from the oil industry and for this reason described as a man of Zhou Yongkang, the all-powerful former head of China's security from 2007 to 2012 retired in November last year.
Beijing noise rumors of an imminent official announcement of the arrest of Zhou Yongkang . While most sordid stories circulating in the Chinese media in exile on the character , suspected of having murdered his ex-wife and of plotting a coup in 2012 when the fall of Bo Xilai, considered as a close ally .
Li Dongsheng owes its progression within the public safety Zhou Yongkang, with whom he worked closely for nearly a decade. " The consensus among China watchers is that the arrest of Li Dongsheng Zhou Yongkang reports that will be formally arrested ," said Willy Lam , an expert in Chinese politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. " Li Dongsheng is considered close to Zhou Yongkang ." Also adds Willy Lam , "we speculate that having made much of his career at the Central Television CCTV, it was he who presented his new wife Zhou Yongkang Jia Xiaohua, a former presenter of CCTV ." Jia Xiaohua 28 years younger than her husband, aged 71 .


Nearly a dozen executives deemed near Zhou Yongkang and related to either his former stronghold of Sichuan , or the oil industry , in which he has climbed the ladder of power, have been arrested since the end of 2012 , according a well-worn strategy purges within the party : the liege men fall one after the other before the final blow is brought against the target. The Chinese press has published in recent months involving several ambiguous items Zhou Bin, the son of Zhou Yongkang in corruption cases related to the oil industry , not to mention the relationship.(via weibo)
There are five days, the New York Times advancing according to several sources that Zhou Yongkang had been placed under house arrest. "No Chinese official media has denied the allegations of the foreign press , which is a sign " we explained Wednesday in her Beijing home , Bao Tong, the former right-hand number one Chinese Zhao Ziyang purged in 1989. "For the Communist Party, the big question is always to decide what can be revealed to the public or not , and not what might actually happen . They must carefully select the elements and analyze all the possible consequences for current leaders. This requires discussions within the party and that is what takes time, " says former mandarin imprisoned in the 1990s and known for his pro-democracy convictions.
Li Dongsheng, deputy minister of police arrested Friday , is the subject of rumors for several months in the Chinese media exile , containers leak device : Mingjing News had announced in September that an investigation prepared against him. Media Falun Gong , which operate from abroad and are banned in China, consider the key man in charge of the propaganda campaign of denigration of the religious movement banned in 1999 following an impressive gathering of followers around Zhongnanhai , the vast complex that houses the party and its leaders in Beijing. At the time, Li Dongsheng who studied journalism, was Deputy Director of Public CCTV . Epoch Times, a leading media Falun Gong, was identified as the deputy director of the 610 Office , the pharmacy responsible for the brutal crackdown .


Li Dongsheng in 2000 became deputy director of SARFT , the supervisory authority of cinema and television. He joined the Party Central Committee in 2002 and was promoted to deputy director of the Propaganda Committee , the supreme organ of propaganda within the CCP . He was appointed Deputy Minister of Public Security in 2009, at a time when Zhou Yongkang, then one of the nine members of the Standing Committee of the party, leading the supreme organ of supervision of the police and justice within party , the famous Committee of Political and Legal Affairs .
The transition at the top of the party in October 2012 lead to a rethinking of responsibilities between the members of the Standing Committee , past nine to seven on funds fedora debate about abuses led the concentration in the hands of one person police powers , the Committee of Political and Legal Affairs will be downgraded in the internal hierarchy . The arrest of Zhou Yongkang, if confirmed , she will lead to new political earthquake in China? According to Willy Lam, another alternative , safer for the party would be punished "internally" . And keep house arrest until the end of his life. Bao Tong, nothing is less sure : " the world speculates on the fate of Zhou Yongkang ," he said. "They will be forced to explain "
written by Vicky

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What is really Mystery Shopper job in China ?

What is really Mystery Shopper job in China ? 

what is mystery shopping ? 

  Mystery shopping , also known under the trade name secret involves posing as a regular customer to assess the goods and services that the company offers . Your results are reported to the client , and used to improve services .

 ow Mystery Shopping Works: A company hires a mystery company to assess their services , and the company of mystery, in turn, engages consumers to make these assessments. Shoppers are given a list of things to evaluate / note during the workshop. This can include : how long it takes to be welcomed speed of service Cleanliness location compliance with company standards - dress code , signage , greetings, etc. listening for specific services to be provided The names / descriptions of employees After completing a shop, the customer submits its assessment and revenue. The payment is made to eight weeks after the submission of a successful shop .

What types of companies use Mystery Shoppers in China ? 

In China services can be very bad , and Restaurants hotels and resorts retail stores stores theaters car dealers the parks the gas stations and many others

How to find Mystery Shop Missions in China

If you're new mystery is a good place to start. It provides a database of reputable mystery shopping companies , as reported by customers real mysteries - so the information is more reliable than what you can find through a web search .
 Spend some time looking through the database. via

Then form a list of companies in China you are interested in working for , and apply to all of them. Once your application is approved, you will have access to the database of the company's stores. Check back often for stores in your area and ask everything of interest . How to Avoid Scams : Unfortunately, all mystery shopping companies are trustworthy . To avoid falling for a scam , you should avoid any business that : requires you to pay a fee - you should not have to pay anything to get contracts advertising for buyers sections of newspaper job or through unsolicited e- mails requires you to pay and get certified shopper guarantees stores or on a fixed income. here

Mystery Shopper Providers

For even more protection against scams, look for companies that belong to the Mystery Shopper Providers Association ( ) . The Mystery Shop type involves : Any transfer of the mystery shop is a little different , but most missions will require you to complete your shop one day and a specific time . It also requires that you listen to some services that will be offered, ask specific questions and remember the answers you receive to these questions , and record the details of your environment - everything from clean bathrooms whether the signaling is placed appropriately . He may even ask you to try specific services (say a new hamburger at a fast food restaurant ) take pictures of the location , or record conversations you have with employees.

How Mystery Shopping Country? 

Mystery shopping is not a way to get rich , it is not a full-time job . Expect to make $ 10-15 per store, in addition to any goods or services you receive during the workshop. A typical store restaurant , for example, could result in a free meal plus a small fee to shop for your time. What it takes to be a good Mystery Shopper : attention to detail a good memory objective evaluation skills the ability to perform and quickly submit stores Tips for Success :

 Apply to many mystery shopping companies to increase your chances of getting regular assignments 

Check for available shops often - good going fast Do not accept a store, unless you are sure you can complete . Many companies will remove you from their list of buyers after one shop failed Be willing to accept last minute shopping and less-than- glamorous at the start - this will improve your reputation with the company Review the requirements of a mystery shopper several times before attempting the store . If you miss some of the details , you will not be paid Starting with a Mystery Shopping Company: When starting a new business in mystery, there are several things you can do to make sure that the relationship is good. This includes :

 From a shop with little or no out of pocket expenses Pending receipt of the payment of your first store , before taking additional shops Assess if you are fairly compensated for your time. via

$ 20 may seem fair remuneration until you discover that you spent five hours each store Evaluate how easy to use and reliable, the site is .

If the tools are difficult to use , you can find your benefit does not justify the hassle Disclaimer: Mystery shopping ads found on this page may or may not be legitimate businesses . The search for all companies carefully before submitting an application client.

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Mystery shopping: how to earn a lot of Money in China

Mystery shopping: how to earn a lot of Money in China
It was more like what I had to win, not only small benefits like free jeans, but also enough money to buy a car in cash.
How Mystery Shopping Works in China
The first time I entered the store , I 'm 30 and I just started a new job as an assistant Intellectual Property ( a specialized form of legal secretary ) at a law firm. In addition to my regular expenses , I had about $ 45,000 two years of law school , but I was earning just enough to pay my dear studio in the suburbs of Boston. And that's about it . When I got this email about mystery , I was cautiously optimistic . Although I signed up to be informed about the possibilities , I chose not to pay (about $ 5 per month) , which meant that I could only see the first few lines of a job in Beijing . But that did not stop me : I soon realized that most of the time , the proposed lists just enough information that I could Google the info to find the name of the company, please visit our website and apply directly through them. I discovered a flaw !
source Mystery shopping is quite simple: companies hire people like me to visit their shops, pretending to be an average customer and report on the service and overall experience. For each store you visit , companies pay an allotted amount of money (usually $ 5 to $ 20), and since they often want you to make a purchase for the total customer experience , they also offer to pay for some portion of the article. It seemed feasible , so I signed with 20 companies to start.
Let the Shopping in China( and win ) begins !
My first "boutique" was in an electronics store . ( I can not say it because discretion is a big part of the code of mystery ) The Company has provided a scenario : I want to talk to sales associates in two different departments, ask about a plasma TV or a GPS and see if they are engaged in a conversation, were useful questions answered or just a superficial way .
It seemed strange to argue in Chinese, in fact , it's always a little weird sometimes . You need a name used , so that if the customer service person is not wearing a badge, you need to ask yourself , which can be annoying. Then you generate reports online, which are structured as multiple choice answers or two sentences fill-in- the-blank .
At my peak , I dedicate four to six hours on a Saturday to go to different places in the same coffee and then spent two hours on the reports because you must file within 24 hours. With Chinese it is even more hard you know, they really do not care! Yes, mystery shopping is a time commitment.
And just like that, I was hooked : I started to work during my lunch hour . I could even do it on my way home from work , since I 'd walked past outlets anyway. Slowly but surely, the money started to roll After taxes , health insurance and other deductions , my daily net salary at the time was about $ 100. Most stores have paid me $ 7 to $ 15, if a tax Store $ 7 ( plus reimbursement for meals) amounted to about 10 % of what I was doing in my "real" job . This is 10% more than a day was a big problem for me, even if all he gave me was the opportunity to buy lunch a few times a week. From time to time , I have a big score . When shopping for more expensive items such as electronics , the company requires you to make the purchase and then ship the product back to them . But during the days of hunting in early 2008 , a sports business asked me to buy a $ 250 watch for refund, and I could keep it. (In fact , I returned to the store, doing twice the amount back . ) It was amazing how quickly that money grew : Thanks to my mystery shopping, I was able to set up automatic monthly withdrawals from my checking to an emergency fund account and an account of savings home. At the height of my purchases , I'm probably 75 companies registered with . I was shopping , six days a week , even on Sundays for brunch, of course!
But it was worth it : I made about $ 14,000 this year as a mystery shopper , and that's not counting the repayments -Just pure profit . ( For the record , I was given a 1099 by a company that paid me $ 599 and taxed on that income. )
In September 2012, I paid for a Honda Fit in cash! There is no way that I could not have done otherwise. I love this car so far.
Why I returned my Mystery Shopping in China
When the recession hit , many companies that had prevously on shoppers for customer feedback switched on different methods, such as customer surveys in exchange for small gifts - so there are fewer opportunities now in Chinese market.
I also changed law firms , and I make about $ 20,000 per year , so I do not need to spend as much free time Mystery Shopping . But even if companies are not as liberal with their advantages due to post- recession fiscal tightening , they pay similar rates and I can still earn extra money decent .
In an average month these days, I'm probably 10 to 15 stores . Even if it's a matter of convenience now if I know I'll be headed to a restaurant or store , I'll squeeze in a store. I see no reason to stop

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Daxue Consulting, the biggest provider of mystery shopping experiences for mystery shoppers in China

Through our research on the biggest players on mystery shopping, we found out the Daxue Consulting was the biggest provider for mystery shopping experiences especially through the following industries:
- luxury
- cosmetics
- wines
- food

We found out that is is the only company focusing on mystery shopping experiences that is offering activities to mystery shoppers every week all over the year. It is also showing from our interviews the highest rate of satisfaction among the people we interviewed telling that they most of them time pay on time and do what they said they would do.

Naturally, we still find Jett Asia as one of the biggest providers as well.

As we have been frequently contacted to know where to apply for mystery shopping, we wanted to check which firms have frequent myster shopping opportunities. As for 2013, we are pretty sure it is Daxue Consulting but we still need to wait for 3 months before telling who is the winner.

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Real Estate Agencies Malpractice in China

Real Estate Agencies Malpractice in China

In the past decades, Chinese growth has been for a large part sustained by the real estate sector, the general mood for real estate agents has been frenzy, and this is reflected in commercial behaviour. Regulations do exist, but they are less developed than in western developed countries and few of the rules are actually implemented.

Fake classifieds

If you are looking for an apartment to rent, the major issue you'll face is the fake classifieds. Many agencies try to hook customers with attractive ads, precise description of apartments that will appeal to you, be aware that many of these ads do not correspond to anything. The apartment in the classified will already be rented when you call the agent, and then you will be drawn into the agency network, trying to make you rent any other apartment they actually have in their portofolio. In Europe and USA, it is strictly forbidden to put real estate classifieds on a website when the property is already rented (and it is all the more prohibited to advert apartments that do nor exist...), in China nothing is properly checked. So be cautious about the classifieds and websites.

Wrong landords

Another problem can be the sub-rental of apartments without the landlord knowing it. In this eventuality, some people try to make money while scamming the actual landlord. There is as well cases about wrong landlords identities caused by the current limitations of ownership. The Chinese authorities try to limit the number of apartment per landlord in order to calm down the speculation and try to avoid a property bubble in China. The consequence is that many apartments are registered under a fake name. Stange occurrences can happen, apartments registerd under the name of the driver, the maid, or even dead people. For the tenant, there are risks, the most basic one is difficulties of registration with the authorities when you cannot contact the real landord.


Fees issues

There can be translation issues in the contracts, especially if you are a foreigner. Things can be omitted in the english version, for example anything relative to heating and air conditionning fees. Things can be told orally but the opposite is written in the contract. The most usual problem is agents that will tell you that heating fees are comprised with the rent when actually you'll have t pay for it separately. Be careful. A way to avoid this type of issues might be to have an agent specialized in expatriate rentals that will give you specific advice about these questions.

Agents that take commission from both the landlord and the tenant

Agents try to maximise their commission, by all means, and this can include taking commissions from both the tenant and the landlord. This is nor stricly forbidden but can have consequences regarding the apartments you will be shown : do not expect some agents to show you the apartments that correspond most to what you are looking for but the apartments for which their commsission is the highest. One way to limit this issue is to insist in visitinbg many apartments.

Sources : 

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Mystery investigation launched again pharmaceutical companies

Mystery investigation launched again pharmaceutical companies

 The series of investigations launched this summer by the Chinese authorities against suspected of corruption , primarily pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline , has affected their local sales , especially because many doctors are now afraid to receive sales representatives , according to several executives and medical sources .
Internal sector sources expect that the increase in sales of Chinese Affairs GSK accused by Chinese police have coordinated a system of pots of wine through travel agencies for six years, slow or even reversed between July and September , after rising 14 % yoy in the second quarter.

Corruption ? 


The British group is however not only be certified and several competitors expect a slowdown in sales in the second half after the opening of investigations into foreign laboratories as Novartis , Sanofi and Bayer , as Chinese or Sino Biopharmaceutical , and manufacturers of milk powder as Danone.

French Sanofi 

Commercial departments laboratories emphasize that many doctors now refusing to meet with their representatives , for fear of being suspected of receiving bribes, kickbacks , particularly because of the low salaries received by the medical staff of 13,500 Chinese hospitals .
"There was a drop in sales , that's for sure ," said a sales executive of GSK in Shanghai, on condition of anonymity . " Because of the current situation and rumors about our brothers arrested by the authorities , we will less in hospitals. We are afraid that the same thing happens to us. "


Distributor of drugs in connection with foreign laboratories in China confirms that beyond the particularly high sales decline GSK , higher sales across the sector slowed to 8-10% against 20% in 2012 . Faced with the new reluctance of doctors , some of whom occasionally experienced a dozen representatives per day according to a former executive of the industry, laboratories have also shown much more cautious and increased monitoring of different levels of their distribution network.
" They are nervous and want to ensure compliance ," reported the leader of one of the distributors of anonymity .
Some observers , however, doubt that the series of investigations and prosecution of corruption can put an end to such practices, while spending Chinese health should almost triple to 750 billion by 2020, according to a report of McKinsey .
" The pharmaceutical companies will simply find other methods," said an executive of a foreign laboratory , based in China. " Some of them were caught because they only uses one or three travel agencies, so they will simply use a larger number of them , or find other ways of getting money. " "As long as doctors accept bribes, kickbacks , nothing will change ," he adds

by Patty sanderson

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Chinese tourists and Shopping !

Chinese tourists and Shopping ! 

  Chinese travelers informations:
  • Ages: 64 percent are 25 to 44 
  • Education: 70 percent have bachelor's degrees 
  • Gender: male 53 percent , 47 percent of women 
  • Monthly income: 73 percent earn between 5,000 and 10,000 yuan (about $ 816 to $ 1,633 )

They came up empty-handed , but they left clutching bags loaded.
A crowd of Chinese tourists have invaded the Vacaville Premium Outlets recent weekend, collecting luxury handbags , sunglasses and jeans U.S. . With prices that are often 50 percent cheaper than the products at home , the Chinese do not hesitate to open their wallets .

Chinese visitors 

"Chinese visitors are the darlings of the industry ," said the vice president of marketing for Premium Outlets, which is owned by Simon Property Group of Indianapolis.

 The Chinese have long shopped in New York and Los Angeles, but many of them are now turning to suburban malls where they can get more for their money . "Of course , things are cheaper here than in China ," Beijing resident Rainy Zhang said in Mandarin, while sitting on a bench outside the Burberry store in Vacaville . As Zhang spoke with a thick Beijing accent , his friend Hill Ai looked a long reception of Calvin Klein, count the number of discounts.

Chinese New shoppers

The Chinese middle class , now 400 million strong , growing at an explosive rate . Newly rich Chinese are flocking abroad and spend a lot of money.

California is a particularly attractive destination . A tourist mecca that is only 12 -hour flight , the state offers a bit of everything . More than 700,000 Chinese visited the Golden State in 2012 , from a total of $ 2.1 billion , according to Visit California. These figures are expected to rise sharply, with 1.1 million visitors expected by 2015.


On a recent Saturday, a group of 20 teachers in the province of Shaanxi Remote scrambled to buy wallets, leather jackets and other high -end products. They left five hours later , juggling oversized bags bearing the names appearing Coach , Juicy Couture and Ralph Lauren.
Buyers refused to be interviewed because they were visiting the United States through a government exchange program. Their guide , Henry Lee , noted that the official visits are carefully considered by the Communist Party .
Chinese visitor spends an average of $ 3,000 in luxury goods, according to an analysis by TaxFree Shopping, a company that processes tax refunds for foreign travelers . This expenditure has attracted the attention of U.S. retailers and operators of shopping centers. " The Chinese want designer brands , and they want a good deal. This is why they come Premium Outlets for our high-end stores ," said Eggan . With 120 shops, the Vacaville property offers 447,000 square feet of shops just an hour from San Francisco. A parade of tour buses decreases every week, according to management, many make the stop on the way to Lake Tahoe or Napa .
Simon Property Group , owner of 11 up and down the California malls , has aggressively courted Chinese consumers since 2005. Eggan often visits China , meets both officials and tour operators. She was one of 80 business leaders who accompanied Gov. Jerry Brown on a trade mission a week to the Asian giant in April .


With the liberalization of their economies in the 1990s , the Chinese have become accustomed to see Western styles and luxury brands. However, high prices make extremely expensive foreign imports , even though many of them are made in China .
In some cases, Chinese tourists say , discounts on merchandise in the United States cover the cost of their trip. Tumi , the luggage maker New Jersey, is an American retailer that has reaped the benefits of the new prosperity of China . Large bags - priced at $ 799 each - are popular with Chinese visitors , said Ariana Ford, store manager Tumi Vacaville . "It is extensible, so that they can take the goods ," she said. Stores with a particularly high tourist traffic are hiring Mandarin-speaking sales and accept credit cards issued Chinese.

Focus on Chinese Group Tourists

Simon Property made ​​an extra effort , decorating his office red for Chinese New Year and the hiring team to put on the traditional lion dance .

Shopping mall history ! 

Shopping at malls has become something of a ritual for Chinese visiting California , if it is not a national obsession. Blogs and forums are full devoted to discussions on the bargains to be had . Those unable to attend will recruit friends and family to bring gifts.
Cora Ip , a recent UC Davis graduate , said his parents - who live in Sacramento - spend hundreds of dollars to buy gifts for parents at home in Hong Kong. "When you buy things here, there is a quality control ," said Ip , sweeping aisles at Columbia Sportswear .

Desert Hills Premium Outlets near Palm Springs, a perennial favorite of Chinese buyers visiting Southern California , is experiencing a boom that could bring its store count to 190 in early 2014 to become the largest shopping center in the state .
Chinese visitors have also proved a boon for operators as SH Tours in San Francisco. The company hosts 600 visits annually for Chinese citizens , against 300 in 2009.

" We always bring in the catch ," said Silvia Chuang, CEO of SH Tours. For Zhang, the buyer of Beijing, the choice of buying here is an easy task . 

"Coach is 50 percent off . Why do not you buy ?" She asked .

sources :
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Mystery Shopping

A great method

The survey mystery shopper or mystery shopping appeared United States some years ago in the 40's. First, there are banks that have used the principle by sending fake customers in their agencies to make deposits of money in cash and record the progress of the transaction. It was then possible to detect misconduct desk staff. The method has gradually other interested sectors, which saw it as an effective way to assess their network and their teams, enjoying the service rendered from the point of view of the customer.

Today, the mystery shopper survey is done through visits to outlets but also distance to evaluate other points of contact with customers (telephone service, responding to requests by email, website. ..). It covers all sectors: tourism, transportation, automotive, retail, banking and financial services ... It a kind of market research use in all country: market research china, brazil, france, USA and so on.

Well controlled, the mystery shopper technique is easy to use and allows for quick and reliable measurements of the service rendered. It can also be traced, at reasonable cost, of essential information and generally very difficult to obtain other items. Indeed, another method of tracking what the perceived customer satisfaction survey does not always happen at the same level of accuracy, while requiring organization and much higher costs.