lundi 26 août 2013

Mystery Shopping

A great method

The survey mystery shopper or mystery shopping appeared United States some years ago in the 40's. First, there are banks that have used the principle by sending fake customers in their agencies to make deposits of money in cash and record the progress of the transaction. It was then possible to detect misconduct desk staff. The method has gradually other interested sectors, which saw it as an effective way to assess their network and their teams, enjoying the service rendered from the point of view of the customer.

Today, the mystery shopper survey is done through visits to outlets but also distance to evaluate other points of contact with customers (telephone service, responding to requests by email, website. ..). It covers all sectors: tourism, transportation, automotive, retail, banking and financial services ... It a kind of market research use in all country: market research china, brazil, france, USA and so on.

Well controlled, the mystery shopper technique is easy to use and allows for quick and reliable measurements of the service rendered. It can also be traced, at reasonable cost, of essential information and generally very difficult to obtain other items. Indeed, another method of tracking what the perceived customer satisfaction survey does not always happen at the same level of accuracy, while requiring organization and much higher costs.