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Chinese tourists and Shopping !

Chinese tourists and Shopping ! 

  Chinese travelers informations:
  • Ages: 64 percent are 25 to 44 
  • Education: 70 percent have bachelor's degrees 
  • Gender: male 53 percent , 47 percent of women 
  • Monthly income: 73 percent earn between 5,000 and 10,000 yuan (about $ 816 to $ 1,633 )

They came up empty-handed , but they left clutching bags loaded.
A crowd of Chinese tourists have invaded the Vacaville Premium Outlets recent weekend, collecting luxury handbags , sunglasses and jeans U.S. . With prices that are often 50 percent cheaper than the products at home , the Chinese do not hesitate to open their wallets .

Chinese visitors 

"Chinese visitors are the darlings of the industry ," said the vice president of marketing for Premium Outlets, which is owned by Simon Property Group of Indianapolis.

 The Chinese have long shopped in New York and Los Angeles, but many of them are now turning to suburban malls where they can get more for their money . "Of course , things are cheaper here than in China ," Beijing resident Rainy Zhang said in Mandarin, while sitting on a bench outside the Burberry store in Vacaville . As Zhang spoke with a thick Beijing accent , his friend Hill Ai looked a long reception of Calvin Klein, count the number of discounts.

Chinese New shoppers

The Chinese middle class , now 400 million strong , growing at an explosive rate . Newly rich Chinese are flocking abroad and spend a lot of money.

California is a particularly attractive destination . A tourist mecca that is only 12 -hour flight , the state offers a bit of everything . More than 700,000 Chinese visited the Golden State in 2012 , from a total of $ 2.1 billion , according to Visit California. These figures are expected to rise sharply, with 1.1 million visitors expected by 2015.


On a recent Saturday, a group of 20 teachers in the province of Shaanxi Remote scrambled to buy wallets, leather jackets and other high -end products. They left five hours later , juggling oversized bags bearing the names appearing Coach , Juicy Couture and Ralph Lauren.
Buyers refused to be interviewed because they were visiting the United States through a government exchange program. Their guide , Henry Lee , noted that the official visits are carefully considered by the Communist Party .
Chinese visitor spends an average of $ 3,000 in luxury goods, according to an analysis by TaxFree Shopping, a company that processes tax refunds for foreign travelers . This expenditure has attracted the attention of U.S. retailers and operators of shopping centers. " The Chinese want designer brands , and they want a good deal. This is why they come Premium Outlets for our high-end stores ," said Eggan . With 120 shops, the Vacaville property offers 447,000 square feet of shops just an hour from San Francisco. A parade of tour buses decreases every week, according to management, many make the stop on the way to Lake Tahoe or Napa .
Simon Property Group , owner of 11 up and down the California malls , has aggressively courted Chinese consumers since 2005. Eggan often visits China , meets both officials and tour operators. She was one of 80 business leaders who accompanied Gov. Jerry Brown on a trade mission a week to the Asian giant in April .


With the liberalization of their economies in the 1990s , the Chinese have become accustomed to see Western styles and luxury brands. However, high prices make extremely expensive foreign imports , even though many of them are made in China .
In some cases, Chinese tourists say , discounts on merchandise in the United States cover the cost of their trip. Tumi , the luggage maker New Jersey, is an American retailer that has reaped the benefits of the new prosperity of China . Large bags - priced at $ 799 each - are popular with Chinese visitors , said Ariana Ford, store manager Tumi Vacaville . "It is extensible, so that they can take the goods ," she said. Stores with a particularly high tourist traffic are hiring Mandarin-speaking sales and accept credit cards issued Chinese.

Focus on Chinese Group Tourists

Simon Property made ​​an extra effort , decorating his office red for Chinese New Year and the hiring team to put on the traditional lion dance .

Shopping mall history ! 

Shopping at malls has become something of a ritual for Chinese visiting California , if it is not a national obsession. Blogs and forums are full devoted to discussions on the bargains to be had . Those unable to attend will recruit friends and family to bring gifts.
Cora Ip , a recent UC Davis graduate , said his parents - who live in Sacramento - spend hundreds of dollars to buy gifts for parents at home in Hong Kong. "When you buy things here, there is a quality control ," said Ip , sweeping aisles at Columbia Sportswear .

Desert Hills Premium Outlets near Palm Springs, a perennial favorite of Chinese buyers visiting Southern California , is experiencing a boom that could bring its store count to 190 in early 2014 to become the largest shopping center in the state .
Chinese visitors have also proved a boon for operators as SH Tours in San Francisco. The company hosts 600 visits annually for Chinese citizens , against 300 in 2009.

" We always bring in the catch ," said Silvia Chuang, CEO of SH Tours. For Zhang, the buyer of Beijing, the choice of buying here is an easy task . 

"Coach is 50 percent off . Why do not you buy ?" She asked .

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