samedi 21 septembre 2013

Mystery investigation launched again pharmaceutical companies

Mystery investigation launched again pharmaceutical companies

 The series of investigations launched this summer by the Chinese authorities against suspected of corruption , primarily pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline , has affected their local sales , especially because many doctors are now afraid to receive sales representatives , according to several executives and medical sources .
Internal sector sources expect that the increase in sales of Chinese Affairs GSK accused by Chinese police have coordinated a system of pots of wine through travel agencies for six years, slow or even reversed between July and September , after rising 14 % yoy in the second quarter.

Corruption ? 


The British group is however not only be certified and several competitors expect a slowdown in sales in the second half after the opening of investigations into foreign laboratories as Novartis , Sanofi and Bayer , as Chinese or Sino Biopharmaceutical , and manufacturers of milk powder as Danone.

French Sanofi 

Commercial departments laboratories emphasize that many doctors now refusing to meet with their representatives , for fear of being suspected of receiving bribes, kickbacks , particularly because of the low salaries received by the medical staff of 13,500 Chinese hospitals .
"There was a drop in sales , that's for sure ," said a sales executive of GSK in Shanghai, on condition of anonymity . " Because of the current situation and rumors about our brothers arrested by the authorities , we will less in hospitals. We are afraid that the same thing happens to us. "


Distributor of drugs in connection with foreign laboratories in China confirms that beyond the particularly high sales decline GSK , higher sales across the sector slowed to 8-10% against 20% in 2012 . Faced with the new reluctance of doctors , some of whom occasionally experienced a dozen representatives per day according to a former executive of the industry, laboratories have also shown much more cautious and increased monitoring of different levels of their distribution network.
" They are nervous and want to ensure compliance ," reported the leader of one of the distributors of anonymity .
Some observers , however, doubt that the series of investigations and prosecution of corruption can put an end to such practices, while spending Chinese health should almost triple to 750 billion by 2020, according to a report of McKinsey .
" The pharmaceutical companies will simply find other methods," said an executive of a foreign laboratory , based in China. " Some of them were caught because they only uses one or three travel agencies, so they will simply use a larger number of them , or find other ways of getting money. " "As long as doctors accept bribes, kickbacks , nothing will change ," he adds

by Patty sanderson