mardi 23 août 2016

Companies in China have to adapt to O2O

The aspect of a company that has the most difficulty adapting, is people. to change the change the mentality of the HR, the ingrained behavior of the people who were branch manager for 20 years and have always been incentivized KPIs that revolve around in their business to sell.

online to Offline in China ! 

If a customer asks for a green spectacles, but they are not in stock, should tell the shop assistant: "Clear Buy the green you'll get your home or business tomorrow!.." 

You should be completely open, the consumers make their own decisions regarding where they want to buy and what they want to long to buy, because they end up buying.

"The aspect of a company that has the most difficulty adapting, is people. ...The Changing the ingrained behavior of people who have been branch manager for 20 years." This means that incentives should not based on whether customers in the store to buy immediately, [nor should incentives based] on the performance month storage by month or week by week. It should be based on revenue generated by a customer. If you have a customer-oriented approach, which is the starting point of a O2O strategy, then the incentives should be customer-oriented. This is a massive change of mentality.

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How well do links to this approach, particularly with respect to data about their customers to collect?

A Marketing Manager in China: It depends on the maturity of the brand and the campaign. The key is that everything starts from the consumers. Marketers should be able to identify the consumer and travel map, and to combine in a position of consumers in China at different points of contact, online and offline, in a meaningful way. The unique identifier in the database of the customer ID.

In other words, if I had to choose an approach to data under O2O, it would focus on consumer-centric data: CRM [customer relationship management] systems and organizations, partners, related processes, thinking and technology. The ultimate goal is to help consumers understand travel and be able to make, and also take these trips by O2O.

M-COMMERCE IN A BOOMM-commerce is yet another booming concept in China. This is because China is the leading manufacturer of mobile phones.
This is one of the best ways to receive advertisements in a convenient method.
Wechat is helping m-commerce as the future of China in marketing.

dimanche 7 août 2016

Mistery Fund distribution in China !

British Tonkinson

Even after you have completed sales in China with distributors it will be necessary to manage the CEO of distributor to ensure long-term sales. be effective and close to operation and developping a local presence is also essential for this process. Your company will need staff on the ground that will be able to communicate regularly with the distributor, provide technical and marketing support, and continue to develop both a formal and informal business relationship between your two companies.
Fund distribution in China is done by the big banks, insurance companies and asset management companies, which requires building relationships, said British Tonkinson, the Fund Selector Asia on a trip to the region said to our sister publication.

"China distribution an extremely attractive offer," he said. "We have a strategy in place to build relationships with key distributors in China [which includes] understand the legal context you need to have in place to support these relationships. But it is still very early days for us." The next step in China is the informal discussions to formalize we actually have. We are in the early stages and are a relatively small asset management group compared to our competitors, so we need to be targeted.
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We plan sales people here who can build these relationships and encouraged by discussions we had previously. "The timing is right, because onshore investors are increasingly looking to diversify their holdings with offshore assets. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group $ 2trn 2020 Asia are expanding the Asset Manager, a part of Old Mutual Wealth is Chinese HNWI offshore allocation is made expected currently gets most funds away from home base flows, Tonkinson said. in 2012, 90% of OMGI the Fund were currents in the UK market. in the first half of 2016, about 75% of total flows were from outside the United Kingdom, he said. "at the same time the British business has grown, but the international business has grown rapidly." the Hong Kong office is the only one company outside the United Kingdom, the investment capacity has. It is now 16 people, has up from six in 2013. Fixed assets, Asian stocks to run through a number of key employees. for example, was last year Joshua Crabb hired BlackRock.

Recently, the Company may Weatherston presented former BlackRock Manager Rob to run its Japanese equity fund in Hong Kong. Sales, customer service and risk management capability has also been added to Hong Kong. "We have investments in the last three years and will continue with the same for the next three as well." Last month in Singapore, the company sales and customer support person added due to the company's products distribution by private banks to win, Tonkinson said. In the next three years additional staff in Singapore will be added. Despite the ability to invest in Hong Kong, the company has no plans to launch a locally domiciled funds. Tonkinson said the plan is still to bring the Dublin registered UCITS funds in Asia.

Global Equity Income Fund

This year, the Global Equity Income Fund has been authorized for sale in Hong Kong and authorizes the European Best Ideas Fund of the company for sales in Taiwan by Master Agent Capital Gateway. The company declined to breakdown of AUM in Asia to provide.

500Millions asset 

But in the past year said Tonkinson FSA that OMGI $ 500m in assets manages in Asia, the majority of that in Taiwan. Jumpy mood in his conversations with customers in Asia, Tonkinson said the overarching theme is that macro news dominated sentiment, something that is also true in other regions. "The general macro uncertainty makes cautious coming into the market investors. However, demand is strong according to income in the region. There is still a strong demand for liquid alternative products, absolute return-type products, both in Asia and around the world . "The company plans to expand its liquid alts sentence and any new hire could improve based in Asia, he said." The United Kingdom and Asia are very much our investment centers. If new talent is brought in, they are based in one of these locations . "put Staying after Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union Tonkinson said that OMGI has no plans to move the office from the UK due Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union". we do not think moving. But we are still feeling the effects of the Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union review, it is too early to know what impact it will have on the UK and European business. OMGI has mainly Dublin registered funds that remain eligible for sale to investors throughout Europe. Adding he said: "All new launches have in a Dublin-structure, not a British structure, was" that may not Dublin or Luxembourg have fund ranges, there is no panic some peer companies in the UK, although