mardi 23 août 2016

Companies in China have to adapt to O2O

The aspect of a company that has the most difficulty adapting, is people. to change the change the mentality of the HR, the ingrained behavior of the people who were branch manager for 20 years and have always been incentivized KPIs that revolve around in their business to sell.

online to Offline in China ! 

If a customer asks for a green spectacles, but they are not in stock, should tell the shop assistant: "Clear Buy the green you'll get your home or business tomorrow!.." 

You should be completely open, the consumers make their own decisions regarding where they want to buy and what they want to long to buy, because they end up buying.

"The aspect of a company that has the most difficulty adapting, is people. ...The Changing the ingrained behavior of people who have been branch manager for 20 years." This means that incentives should not based on whether customers in the store to buy immediately, [nor should incentives based] on the performance month storage by month or week by week. It should be based on revenue generated by a customer. If you have a customer-oriented approach, which is the starting point of a O2O strategy, then the incentives should be customer-oriented. This is a massive change of mentality.

if you want to success go Digital 

How well do links to this approach, particularly with respect to data about their customers to collect?

A Marketing Manager in China: It depends on the maturity of the brand and the campaign. The key is that everything starts from the consumers. Marketers should be able to identify the consumer and travel map, and to combine in a position of consumers in China at different points of contact, online and offline, in a meaningful way. The unique identifier in the database of the customer ID.

In other words, if I had to choose an approach to data under O2O, it would focus on consumer-centric data: CRM [customer relationship management] systems and organizations, partners, related processes, thinking and technology. The ultimate goal is to help consumers understand travel and be able to make, and also take these trips by O2O.

M-COMMERCE IN A BOOMM-commerce is yet another booming concept in China. This is because China is the leading manufacturer of mobile phones.
This is one of the best ways to receive advertisements in a convenient method.
Wechat is helping m-commerce as the future of China in marketing.