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Mysterious corruption in China!

Mysterious corruption in China! 

The announcement , published Friday, December 20 by the New China News Agency , was terse , but it indicates a high level purge in a particularly sensitive area since it is the police, Li Dongsheng, Deputy Minister of public Safety and current number three Chinese police , was officially placed under investigation " for serious violations of the laws and discipline " by the anti- corruption branch of the party .
New China also mentions that Mr. Li was the deputy director of the "group of central management in cases related sects " , indirectly confirming the role attributed to him secret assume that for many years the media in suppressing Falun Gong against the religious movement banned in China. Party cadres who find themselves " under investigation " of the Disciplinary Committee of the party are placed in isolation for months , and brought to justice once their record is tied with an almost zero probability of escape heavy sentence .


The arrest of Li Dongsheng, known to have held very senior positions in the propaganda apparatus before joining the Public Safety in 2009, is a turning point in the top purge led by the new management team : it is the second member of the Party Central Committee to fall this year after Jiang Jiemin , the former director of the Authority of Chinese state-owned enterprises , in early September. Mr. Jiang was coming from the oil industry and for this reason described as a man of Zhou Yongkang, the all-powerful former head of China's security from 2007 to 2012 retired in November last year.
Beijing noise rumors of an imminent official announcement of the arrest of Zhou Yongkang . While most sordid stories circulating in the Chinese media in exile on the character , suspected of having murdered his ex-wife and of plotting a coup in 2012 when the fall of Bo Xilai, considered as a close ally .
Li Dongsheng owes its progression within the public safety Zhou Yongkang, with whom he worked closely for nearly a decade. " The consensus among China watchers is that the arrest of Li Dongsheng Zhou Yongkang reports that will be formally arrested ," said Willy Lam , an expert in Chinese politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. " Li Dongsheng is considered close to Zhou Yongkang ." Also adds Willy Lam , "we speculate that having made much of his career at the Central Television CCTV, it was he who presented his new wife Zhou Yongkang Jia Xiaohua, a former presenter of CCTV ." Jia Xiaohua 28 years younger than her husband, aged 71 .


Nearly a dozen executives deemed near Zhou Yongkang and related to either his former stronghold of Sichuan , or the oil industry , in which he has climbed the ladder of power, have been arrested since the end of 2012 , according a well-worn strategy purges within the party : the liege men fall one after the other before the final blow is brought against the target. The Chinese press has published in recent months involving several ambiguous items Zhou Bin, the son of Zhou Yongkang in corruption cases related to the oil industry , not to mention the relationship.(via weibo)
There are five days, the New York Times advancing according to several sources that Zhou Yongkang had been placed under house arrest. "No Chinese official media has denied the allegations of the foreign press , which is a sign " we explained Wednesday in her Beijing home , Bao Tong, the former right-hand number one Chinese Zhao Ziyang purged in 1989. "For the Communist Party, the big question is always to decide what can be revealed to the public or not , and not what might actually happen . They must carefully select the elements and analyze all the possible consequences for current leaders. This requires discussions within the party and that is what takes time, " says former mandarin imprisoned in the 1990s and known for his pro-democracy convictions.
Li Dongsheng, deputy minister of police arrested Friday , is the subject of rumors for several months in the Chinese media exile , containers leak device : Mingjing News had announced in September that an investigation prepared against him. Media Falun Gong , which operate from abroad and are banned in China, consider the key man in charge of the propaganda campaign of denigration of the religious movement banned in 1999 following an impressive gathering of followers around Zhongnanhai , the vast complex that houses the party and its leaders in Beijing. At the time, Li Dongsheng who studied journalism, was Deputy Director of Public CCTV . Epoch Times, a leading media Falun Gong, was identified as the deputy director of the 610 Office , the pharmacy responsible for the brutal crackdown .


Li Dongsheng in 2000 became deputy director of SARFT , the supervisory authority of cinema and television. He joined the Party Central Committee in 2002 and was promoted to deputy director of the Propaganda Committee , the supreme organ of propaganda within the CCP . He was appointed Deputy Minister of Public Security in 2009, at a time when Zhou Yongkang, then one of the nine members of the Standing Committee of the party, leading the supreme organ of supervision of the police and justice within party , the famous Committee of Political and Legal Affairs .
The transition at the top of the party in October 2012 lead to a rethinking of responsibilities between the members of the Standing Committee , past nine to seven on funds fedora debate about abuses led the concentration in the hands of one person police powers , the Committee of Political and Legal Affairs will be downgraded in the internal hierarchy . The arrest of Zhou Yongkang, if confirmed , she will lead to new political earthquake in China? According to Willy Lam, another alternative , safer for the party would be punished "internally" . And keep house arrest until the end of his life. Bao Tong, nothing is less sure : " the world speculates on the fate of Zhou Yongkang ," he said. "They will be forced to explain "
written by Vicky