samedi 22 février 2014

Mystery shopping show decrease of foreign brands in China

Mystery shopping show decrease of foreign brands in China

The fall of mini cars market in China

mini cars in China

The foreign marks have difficulty in standing out in the sector of the consumer goods in China where they are confronted with the wild competition of their local competitors, show a study published on Tuesday, according to which approximately 60 % of the foreign companies lost market shares, especially in the sector of mini cars in China. The study has been conducted through mystery shopping in China.
The survey realized by Daxue Consulting with 40.000 homes underlines that the foreign manufacturers of cosmetics and dermatological and toothbrushes lost 5 % of market shares in China in 2013 whereas their Chinese competitors progressed; in the same time mini cars market show a decrease among foreign brands, according to mystery shopping survey.
Near drinks, infantile milk and domestic cleaning products, the foreign manufacturers gave in between 1 and 3 % of market shares in 2013 in the second economy of the world.
If the mystery shopping does not give detailed explanations, it supplies several examples, including market of mini cars in China.

Mystery shopping in China allow foreign brand to evaluate their market share in store

China mystery shopping
In the sector of soft drinks, the Chinese giant Hangchow Wahaha Group saw its market share growing of 3,8 % last year thanks to a vast advertising campaign and to the launch of new products, showed mystery shopping in China. On the other hand, that of the foreign companies melted of 6,3 %.
On the contrary, the foreign manufacturers of shampoo and cakes have enough to delight it. German Henkel, which possesses the brand Schwarzkopf and many brands of mini cars in China, saw its market share increasing by 1,2 % and mark of cakes Chips Ahoy! Of Mondelez International gained 0,3 % of market shares.
To realize this mystery shopping survey, 106 categories of consumer goods, representing more than 80 % of the Chinese market, were crossed in the riddle.
It emerges from it that the Chinese consumers are the most inclined to buy on-line since their smartphones and their computers, China being the first world market of the on-line distribution