mardi 8 avril 2014

Cost of mystery shopping in China

Cost of mystery shopping in China

Grumble on the margins to propose more offensive prices, such is the main strategic option chosen by some participants of the mystery shopping. Wage costs representing a big part of this service, persons receiving benefits unscrupulous propose unworthy remunerations to their mystery shoppers (lower than 4 euros an hour), imposing them independent's statuses, compensations with purchase vouchers, etc.

Pressure of the wage costs on mystery shopping in China

cost of mystery shopping in China

Consequence of this pressure on the wage costs of the mystery shoppers: a reduction in the quality of the services, in qualitative speeches which do not pass any more because of an unfair competition. As a matter of fact the emergence of low-cost one spending by the slaughter and commercial practices to line accompanied with a loss of income for the State (treasury and URSSAF(FRENCH BODY MANAGING SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS AND FUNDS)).
According to the volumes of mystery shopping were confided by our customers, the cost of the mystery shopper (salary, welfare costs, traveling costs) represents between 30 and 60 % of the price charged to our customer. In it is added the cost of the management of salaries (contracts, OWED, pay slips, etc.) that we consider between 8 and 13 % of the price.

Impact of naming in mystery shopping cost in China

naming in China

The person receiving benefits, as naming agency, acts seemingly according to the regulations, that is by employing his investigator mystery shopper within the framework of a fixed-term contract of use. Nevertheless, he proposes a working time obviously lower than the time which will spend the mystery shopper in the realization of its mission. Indeed, a mission as mystery shopper is made in 3 stages: briefing on the mission (reading of a briefing writes and possibly phone briefing following the persons receiving benefits), naming in China, and realization of the mission on the place of the point of sale, then writing of the report of the mystery shopper on the way back at home. Certain persons receiving benefits do not hesitate to announce net pays between 5 and 10 €, is between 30 minutes and one hour.