lundi 7 décembre 2015

Forums on the home decoration wonder more and more about the desire of Chinese to beautify their home

A house is not just a place of residence but much more in reality for some people. This last decade revealed that the Chinese people took a turn on consumption and housing improvement especially in the interior design is becoming a huge industry as can be seen with the willingness of consumers to transform their interior into a real nest.

As evidenced by the co founder of the research firm style vision Geneviève Flaven "I think it is a natural process of investing more in your home. You must have a protection zone where you can reconnect with yourself, with your family and have some sense of well-being "

The themes that have given rise to debates and topics revolved around innovation as improving the personal consumer environment, the effectiveness of people in their living space, or the influence of colors on human emotions.

The linens Innovation

This is one of the easiest and affordable ways to decorate a home and give it a personal touch.

This concerns for example small or larger objects such as door handles that are easy to acquire and can facilitate people's lives, and also meet their artistic taste in interior decoration.

The Chinese have an aging population, this therefore implies growing concern for this category of people to whom it will be addressed individually ..

To give a concrete example, include design that is found on certain objects like a cup for coffee or tea with two handles. This allows very easily to the aged person to serve tea or coffee at his breakfast in one hand, which is a sign of respect.

Comfort at work

For people who spend more and more time at work as in China and consider their habitat as part of the extension of the workplace, it becomes increasingly important to consumers at ease as highlighted Ambroise d'Hauteville, regional sales manager for Steelcase, the industry leader in the design office.

According to him, work spaces, ie those to be considered in priority are collaborative spaces such as meeting room that is by definition the most productive place in a company.

In fact these pieces are filled generally tables that if they are optimized by reducing and adapting chairs formats can facilitate Interpersonal communication and thus make them more productive and enjoyable discussions.

Many items are to be considered as the color that gives the personal touch at home. Also observed that Chinese families are beginning to evolve their tradition by not only painting them white interior but playing with a greater range of colors now.

Indeed specialized shops as AkzoNobel Swire Paints (Shanghai) Ltd, notes that over 40% of their customers now prefer warm colors to make their cozy interior.