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Daxue Consulting, pioneer on Mystery Shopping in China

Daxue Consulting, pioneer on Mystery Shopping in China

Daxue Consulting is a consulting firm providing a better understanding of China’s market to foreign companies. It became in few years one of the leaders of the consulting firms in China. In particular, Daxue Consulting is recognized among MNC and SME for its expertise on mystery shopping.

Daxue consulting understood the importance of Mystery Shopping in China

Daxue Consulting
Daxue Consulting has been found in 2009. Thanks to the strong experience and network of its French founder, it quickly became a reference for market research and consulting in China among players of French business environment. Moreover, it extends its target by offering innovative and adapted solution to foreign companies willing to better understand Chinese market.
Daxue Consulting, through its excellent staff, rapidly understand the relevancy of some methodologies in this specific market. Mystery shopping in particular, is a methodology of research which had been not well-developed by market research firms until these few years. Daxue Consulting showed a great expertise on this practice and is now the leader in China. To gain this position, the key was to be able to adapt this specific western methodology to China’s customs and culture.

Daxue Consulting has a strong network of collaborators

The main force of Daxue Consulting is in the quality of its staff and network of collaborators. It includes degree candidates (among top MBAs, CPAs, CFAs, PhDs & similar degrees) as well as university professors. It enables the firm to be ahead of the top international firm, which cannot take advantage of the same expertise of local culture and customs, and which just use the very same methods in China and in Europe or in the US.
In the same time, Daxue Consulting, by this network, can reach any industry as their collaborators can come from a wide range of sectors, on a per-project basis. They represent a workforce and a source of information at the same time.
Therefore, MNC and SME consider Daxue Consulting as the main expert on Mystery Shopping in China.

Alexie Jons 

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